In Optimal we design the building as a whole system to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings through improved efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large. We are specialized in all scale of projects : Residential Villas - Mixed use buildings - Mosques - Warehouses - Commcerial Buildings and Malls - Hospitality - Medical Buildings and Clinics. We Generating innovative architectural design that aims to decrease the Energy demand of building and improve the quality of the indoor and outdoor environment through applying sustainable design strategies, selecting appropriate materials and façade elements. our architectural design services include the whole process starting from Concept Design, Design Development, to Building Completion.


Optimal offers a wealth of experience for Senior Engineers in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Energy and Industrial engineering. Optimal offers a fully comprehensive mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering for all types of buildings, transportation facilities and industry projects according to our clients’ specific requirements, ensuring optimal integration of all systems. we provide MEP Design services which aims to achieve the maximum indoor and outdoor comfort with using sustainable strategies that focuses on utilizing resources and reducing energy demand. Our list of MEP services include all engineering needs for all types of buildings.


Optimal offers premium Interior design and fit out services by experienced and qualified team. Offering multiple services for Residential, Commercial, Healthcare and Hospitality projects. Providing elegant and sustainable designs for clients. It focuses on the way designers use space planning, concept generation, human perception, color and lighting and material selection to create a theme and style in interiors. We focus also on the concept of designing space environments that are compatible with the architecture envelope, context and structure of the building as well as accommodating human needs and special requirements of the space according to the type of project.


Optimal is staffed with qualified Engineers and Designers who provide sustainable and energy efficient Green buildings consultancy services, Value engineering, Energy Audits, Environmental assessment and Energy modeling. Our Engineers have accumulated experience in all scale of projects developing leading-edge Green Engineering consultancy techniques with Sustainable approaches. We provide services for consultancy and certifications for local and global authorities to meet green buildings regulations and standards. Our team provides services for buildings, villas, warehouses and all types of structures with a huge knowledge in local green regulations: EHS Trakhees, Dubai green building system (SA’FAT) and Estidama, or with global green regulations: LEED USGBC.

The Green Building process of LEED integrates design, construction and operations of the project with a focus on energy efficiency, water efficiency, usage of environment-friendly and regional materials, improving indoor environmental quality and optimizing day light. Optimal provides facilitation for LEED pre-certification and LEED certification from USGBC. Optimal also provides the Commissioning service (Cx) for LEED certification projects.

We Provide services for the following LEED certifications:
a) LEED V4 & V4.1 Building Design & Construction Certification
b) LEED V4 & V4.1 Interior 
c) LEED V4.1 Residential

We provide consultancy services for all scale of projects to meet EHS Trakhees Green Buildings regulations to obtain the required permits, approvals and completion certificates for following regulations:
• Regulation GB- 4.0 Green Building Regulations – New Constructions
• Regulation GB- 6.0 Green Building Regulations – Warehouses and Industrial Developments
• Regulation GB- 7.0 Green Building Regulation (for built up areas less than equal 500 sqM)
• Regulation GB- 8.0 Green Building Regulations-Villas and Residential Developments up to 3 floors

Al Sa’fat system enhances buildings users’ safety and ensures a more sustainable environment for future generations. It also encourages innovation to achieve integration between green systems and technologies in building design, which in turn is reflected in improving performance, reducing energy consumption, increasing the efficiency of electrical and mechanical systems, and therefore reducing the carbon footprint.
Optimal provides Green buildings consultancy services and full review for the project to obtain the Silver requirements of Al Sa’fat to meet Dubai Green Buildings code regulations required for project submission.

The PEARL RATING SYSTEM encourages water, energy and waste minimization, local material use and aims to improve supply chains for sustainable and recycled materials and products. The Pearl Rating System is organized into seven categories that are fundamental to more sustainable development. Optimal provides consultancy services for the project to obtain the certification of PEARL rating system as per the following:
1. Pearl Community Rating System
2. Pearl Building Rating System
3. Pearl Villa Rating System.


Full List of Engineering Services

  1. Architectural Design
  2. MEP Engineering
  3. Structural Design
  4. Green Buildings Consultancy Services
  5. Interior Design
  6. Architect of Record Services (AOR)
  7. BIM Services and Modeling up to LOD 350
  8. BIM Co-ordination and Clash detection
  9. Project Management
  10. Air Conditioning & District Cooling
  11. Preparation of Energy Audits
  12. Value Engineering Studies

We integrate Engineering Design Excellence with Construction

For more than 30 years, our engineers have earned one of the finest reputations across the region for MEP Engineering, Interior Design and Green Buildings consultancy services that achieve our client’s vision and our environmental targets.

We have been involved in a wide variety of project types including:

Commercial Projects - Financial Institutions - Hotels - Medical and Laboratory Facilities - Residential - Shopping Centres - Food Stores - Industrial - Warehouses - Performing Art Facilities - Restaurants